Yet Another Celeb Burglary Victim In Los Angeles: Former NBA Star And Lakers Coach Byron Scott

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The robbery and burglary string strikes again: this time, former longtime NBA star and head coach Byron Scott is the victim.

According to sources speaking to TMZ, Scott’s home was robbed in Hermosa Beach very late on Friday night, with the thieves making off with a load of the basketball star’s watches, guns, and several of his girlfriends high-end purses and shoes.

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Nobody was home at the time, so at least it’s come out that everyone is safe and OK, but this is definitely very scary.

And it gets worse: this is year another high-profile celeb home invasion burglary that’s been happening over the past year.

Obviously unclear which (or how many) of that string may be connected to each other with the same thieves, but it’s part of a very concerning uptick in crime across the spectrum in El Lay.

Byron Scott played in the NBA for fifteen years, and served as head coach for four different teams over another fifteen years during a very long, illustrious career in professional basketball ended when he wrapped his last season as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers in the spring of 2016.

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