Runyon Canyon Killer Strikes Again

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Runyon canyon killer


Just on time for Halloween Night Hikes, the now famous, unsolved mystery of the Runyon Canyon Killer is back to haunt us. Claiming the lives of 3 Los Angeles women (whose names were not available at press time), the Los Angeles community woke up to another nightmare.

It has only been a year since the slaying of Brit McCormack and Chelsea Keegan at the Hollywood hot spot.

“Judging form the way the bodies were framed and the physical look of the victims, our professional opinion leads us to believe the four incidents are related” Deputy Jorge Valdez of Hollywood Homicide told us.

“We are taking extra precaution to make sure we don’t have a repeat of the Fryman Canyon Deaths that shook the San Fernando Valley in April of 2011.”

More as this story evolves.


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    Not again!! Im so scared of this guy!!

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