Might Just Get Hit With The RICO: YSL Locker Upper Fani Willis Considers Big Charges Against Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Fani Willis

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If you’ve been pay attention to the national media over the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly seen a huge uptick in coverage about the criminal charges that 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump might be facing regarding his post-election shenanigans. One of the most egregious “alleged” examples of orange führer’s tampering happened down in Georgia, Atlanta to be specific.

Trump was infamously heard on a telephone call asking election officials in the state to “find” him the votes needed to turn the Peach State in his favor and thus win Georgia and the electoral college. According to Business Insider, legal expert and author Norm Eisen believes that Willis has everything she needs to play the beef-inciting Meek Mill and Drake song for president #45.

“Georgia’s RICO statute fits those facts like a glove,” Norm Eisen, a co-author of the Brookings report and legal ethics expert, told Insider. “That’s because the attempted coup DA Willis is investigating was a comprehensive assault on our democracy, and doing a larger case under RICO would better get at that and would achieve broad accountability against those responsible, above all Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump Announces Impending Arrest

Trump recently set the news cycle ablaze when, according to CNN, he “announced” that he will be arrested on this Tuesday for crimes related to paying off his adult film mistress Stormy Daniels.

In a social media post, Trump, referring to himself, said the “leading Republican candidate and former president of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday of next week”

We’d like nothing more than to see this clown behind bars but being that he is a rich white man in America…we won’t hold our breath.

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