Jam out While You Scrub down in the Shower with This Elite Waterproof Speaker

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Admit it, you’ve entertained the idea of becoming a pop star thanks to the regular concerts you hold in the shower that have somehow deluded you into thinking you sound terrific. Don’t worry, we’ve all had that thought at some point, and most of us are still harboring that secret dream. Even though it may never come true, you can still step up your shower concert game — which means investing in some quality speakers to accompany you as you sing your heart out.

The ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker by xFyro boasts elite audio engineering that turns your shower into a concert hall. It pumps out extraordinary highs and deep, rich lows, and it delivers superior call quality as well (in case you have to answer an important call mid-shampoo.) It features an IP67 rating and the ability to float, making it perfect for trips to the beach or afternoons by the pool. Plus, with its impressive battery life, you can enjoy an 8 jam sesh on a single charge.

Usually $50, the ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker is on sale today for $34.99.


xFyro ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker – $34.99

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