Family Of Black Man Shot By 5 White Men On Hunting Trip Describe Killing As “Modern Day Lynching”

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This case is sus as HELL!

Police line tape

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Have you heard of the case about the Black man who was gunned down by 5 white men who he was on a hunting expedition with? If not, then allow us to fill you in on all the shady a** details.

According to, the family of Peter Spencer is calling his death a “modern day lynching” while reporting that the white men who are likely involved are claiming that they “acted in self-defense”. Spencer was dropped off at a cabin in Venango County, Pennsylvania on December 11. On December 12, at 2:30am police arrived on the scene to find him fatally shot multiple times.

“We are talking six bullets into the chest, two into the buttocks, and one we have a different opinion – either through the mouth or from the neck out of the mouth,” Tim Stevens, CEO of the Black Political Empowerment Project, alleged to WTAE.

Peter’s fiancée Carmela King says that he was contacted via Snapchat by a man who he had formerly worked with. A GoFundMe page was set up in Peter’s honor by his brother Tehilah Spencer who claimed in no uncertain terms that this was a murder and a hate crime.

‘Peter was MURDERED in Rockland Township, Pennsylvania in a backwater rural town where he was completely vulnerable and cut off from everything and everyone.

“He was slaughtered and killed in what I consider an act of MODERN DAY LYNCHING!”

At the time that police found Peter’s body, a 25-year-old man was taken into custody but at this point no charges have been filed and the family is frustrated that the Pennsylvania State Police won’t provide any details or information to them about their loved one’s death.

Something is clearly amiss here and any detective worth his badge should be able to see that unless they just don’t give a damn that the only Black man on a hunting trip with 5 white men ended up with numerous gunshot wounds in him.

We’ll be watching this case VERY closely…

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