Enjoy Freedom Day In Proper Fashion With BOSSIP’S 2024 Juneteenth Cocktail Guide

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Juneteenth Independence Day Design with Brushes

Juneteenth – Source: Alena Frolova / Getty

Enjoy Juneteenth with hand curated cocktails courtesy of our easy-to-follow 2024 Juneteenth Cocktail guide from BOSSIP.

On June 17, 2021, Juneteenth become a federal holiday in the United States. Most people reading this will have the day off and we urge you to celebrate Juneteenth in some fashion. The holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. The holiday also has several other names including Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, and Juneteenth Independence Day.

To help you celebrate we’ve gathered a nice selection of cocktails you can easily make at home. If you don’t have any plans we recommend making one of these drinks and watching Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth concert live on Amazon Prime.

Grab your Riedel Glassware and let’s get to sipping.

BOSSIP’s 2024 Juneteenth Cocktail Guide

Burnt Grapefruit Paloma

Source: Avión Cristalino / Avión Cristalino

Burnt Grapefruit Paloma

2 parts Avión Cristalino
½ parts Lime Juice
2 parts Grilled Grapefruit Agave Syrup
2 parts Club Soda topper

Method: Build in glass, Add club soda, stir, and Garnish with Grilled grapefruit slice and salt the rim.

Premier Cru Classic Martini

Source: Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru / Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru

Premier Cru Classic Martini

2 oz Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru
1 oz Noilly Prat
Lemon twist

Method: Chill a coupe or Martini glass in the freezer. Add the cocktail contents to a mixing glass with ice. Stir well for 45 seconds, then serve in a chilled coupe or Martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist. Sip and enjoy!

A Hint of Spice in Manhattan

Source: The Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year-Old / The Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year-Old

A Hint of Spice in Manhattan

1 ½ Parts The Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year-Old
½ Part Amaro di Angostura
¼ Part Ancho Chile
¼ Part Allspice Dram

Method: Add all ingredients to a rock/old fashioned glass. Add ice and stir briefly. Garnish with fresh ground black pepper and/or a lemon twist.


Source: Glenfiddich 12 Year old / Glenfiddich 12-year-old

Created by Glenfiddich West Coast Ambassador, David Allardice

1.5 part Glenfiddich 12-Year-Old
1 part Passoa
2 part Cranberry Juice
1 part Fresh Lime Juice
A few drops of Former
Top with Ginger Ale

Method: Combine all ingredients. Top with Ginger Ale and garnish with lime wheels.

BSB lemonade

Source: BSB / BSB Whiskey

BSB Lemonade

2 oz BSB Whiskey
4 oz lemonade

Method: Garnish with a lemon wheel and straw.

California Gold Rush

Source: Argonaut Saloon Strength Brandy / Argonaut Brandy

California Gold Rush

2 oz. Argonaut Saloon Strength Brandy
¾ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
¾ oz. Honey Simple Syrup
Garnish: Expressed Lemon Peel w/ a brandied cherry
Glassware: Rocks glass

Method: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake together to combine/chill. Double strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with an expressed lemon peel and brandy cherry.

Prospector’s Punch

Source: Argonaut Saloon Strength Brandy / Argonaut Brandy

Prospector’s Punch

24 oz. Argonaut Brandy
8 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
24 oz. Double Steeped Black Tea
24 oz. Ginger Beer
6 oz. Wildflower Honey (or Honey of Choice)
2 Stick of Cinnamon (Broken)
8 oz. Dried Cranberries
6 oz. Sugar

Method: In a medium saucepan, toast 2 sticks of cinnamon until fragrant (2-3 minutes), then cover with 2 cups of water, and let simmer covered for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add black tea, let steep for 5 minutes then strain. While warm add honey, cranberries, and sugar. Stir to combine and let cool to room temperature. Serve in a punch bowl with one large ice block or multiple medium cubes. Add Brandy, black tea infusion, lemon juice, and top with ginger beer. Garnish with citrus wheels, cinnamon sticks, and fresh herbs.

Cutwater's Spicy Blackberry Paloma

Source: Cutwater Tequila Paloma / Cutwater Tequila Paloma

Spicy Blackberry Paloma
Created by: Sean Briggs

1 can of Cutwater’s Tequila Paloma
5-7 blackberries
3 jalapeño slices
Tajin salt
Mint sprig

Method: Start by rimming a Collins glass with tajin salt using half a lime. Then muddle a handful of blackberries and add a few jalapeño slices. Add crushed ice and top with a can of Cutwater Tequila Paloma. Garnish with blackberries and a mint sprig.

Revivalist Garden Gin 'Gin Spritz'

Source: Revivalist Garden Gin / Revivalist Garden Gin

Gin Spritz

1 oz Revivalist Garden Gin
0.5 oz Orange liqueur
2 oz Prosecco
2 oz Soda

Method: Add all ingredients to a large wine glass. Top with ice. Garnish: Orange slice and olives

Easy, Now Party Punch

Source: Fraser & Thompson North American Whiskey / Fraser & Thompson North American Whiskey

Easy, Now Party Punch

4 ounces Fraser & Thompson North American Whiskey
1 cup pomegranate juice
zest of 1 orange
1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1 (750 ml) bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine, chilled
arils from 1 pomegranate

Method: In a large pitcher, combine the bourbon, pomegranate juice, orange zest and orange juice. Chill until ready to serve. Add ice to the punch bowl before serving, pour over the Prosecco, and top with pomegranates. Enjoy!

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