Ali G Was BANNED From The Oscars — Find Out How Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher Snuck The Costume Past Security!

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Ali G was probably the most surprising celebrity appearance at the 2016 Oscars — well, behind Stacey Dash obviously.

But while Stacey was simply unwelcome, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s deluded gangsta rapper character was expressly BANNED!

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So how did he end up onstage, presenting alongside Olivia Wilde?

It took the help of his baby momma/partner-in-crime Isla Fisher!

Cohen revealed to ITV‘s This Morning on Monday:

“The truth is we actually had to sneak it in because the Oscars sat me down before and said they didn’t want me to do anything out of order. They wanted me to actually present it as myself. But luckily my wife put on the Ali G beard in the disabled toilets so we managed to get away with it.”

Relationship goals, we guess?

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But as fearless as Sacha may seem, he actually wasn’t quite so brave before going on. He first had to check with host Chris Rock that the bit was worth the risk:

“I mean there were a few moments I was a bit worried how they’d react to the first gag, but I bumped into Chris Rock actually on the way on and pitched him the gag and he gave me the thumbs up so I went for it.”

What did YOU think about Ali G’s jokes about diversity and the Minions??

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